Should I Buy Partially Used Disney World Tickets?

Dealing with discount Disney World tickets, we get this question a lot. The answer – no matter what the circumstances – is always the same: no. You should never buy partially used Disney World tickets. Doing so is a complete waste of money, even if you’re buying from the most trustworthy, well meaning person or company.

Why You Should Never Buy Partially Used Disney World Tickets:

There are three reasons why this is a bad idea. And, really it only takes one of these reasons to discourage most people. Nevertheless, here are all three…

  1. It’s illegal in Florida. The state of Florida knows that amusement parks draw in huge amounts of revenue. But, the number of legal cases surrounding partially used tickets is a huge drain on the state’s Department of Justice. So, in order to make things easier for themselves, and to protect consumers, the sale of partially used amusement park tickets has been made illegal. Don’t do it. And, if you do, don’t expect any sympathy from Disney.
  2. Also, there’s no way to know how many days are actually left. Sure, the seller may say they only used one of the three days, but you have no way of knowning. And, once you buy the ticket, do you really expect you’ll be getting your money back if you were lied to? No way!
  3. Lastly – and, we think this is the most convincing reason – Disney tickets are nontransferable. And, that isn’t just a word or policy that Disney throws around. Seriously, these things cannot be transferred. The original ticket user’s partial fingerprint is recorded on the ticket’s magnetic strip. So, even if you do sidestep the law, and even if there are days left on the ticket, you won’t be able to get through the gate.

Save yourself the trouble and buy discount Disney World tickets that are new. Or, you can buy unused tickets from someone else, but even this is risky. After all, you never know for sure if the ticket is unused, as promised. Let us help you find cheap (unused) Disney World tickets!

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