Love Disney World? Why Not Buy Some Discount Annual Passes?

If you’re a real fan of Disney World, then you probably love going every year. And, the magic makers at Disney World know that their fans need incentive to come back year after year. Dutifully, they provide that incentive, offering new resorts, attractions, restaurants, and even parks in order to keep things fresh and interesting.

But, if you are one of those thousands of families that enjoys going back to Disney World every year, we certainly hope that you aren’t purchasing tickets again and again. If you love Disney World, you shouldn’t be buying tickets more than once every two years. Here’s why…

Disney offers this great thing call an “Annual Pass.” Pick one up, and you have admittance whenever you want it for a full 366 days. So, let’s say you know you’ll be taking your family of four to Disney World for the next couple of years. If you’re planning for your next vacation to run July 5-9, 2013 then you’re probably looking at a five-day pass.

Well, if you already know that you want to come back during the summer of 2014, why not just buy your family some annual passes? If you all come back for five days just one more time, then it will pay for itself!

Here’s why…

During the summer of 2014, you should just plan your five-day vacation to occur July 1-5. That way, you’re technically going to Disney World two times within the same 366-day period. However, it will definitely feel like your two vacations are a year apart. (They practically are, after all!)

So, if you’re a “Disney family,” what are you waiting for? Forget buying passes year after year. Switch to buying every other year, and enjoy the benefit that so many other smart Disney-loving families are enjoying!

The annual pass is a great deal for many families. Plus, it’s really not that much more expensive. When you buy discounted annual passes for Disney World, you’ll really see those savings add up! Use this site to get the best deals on annual passes for Disney World. You won’t be disappointed!

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