One of the Smartest Disney World Secrets You’ll Ever Hear…

Buying discount Disney World tickets is a smart move. Buying early is a good decision, too. But, one of the best tips we can possibly give you about Disney World tickets has nothing to do with how or where you buy them.

The Real Secret…

… lies in protecting yourself from loss. Imagine this scene: you’ve just enjoyed the first day of your four-day long vacation at Disney World. From getting a picture with Ariel to riding Space Mountain, everyone’s had a great day. You get back to the resort, and prepare to feast on some gourmet seafood.

As you’re changing for dinner, you start feeling around in your pockets.  A streak of adrenaline runs through your veins. It’s not your wallet, or your phone… the tickets! You’ve lost the tickets! How could I?! you ask yourself, exasperated. You feel around in the purse, fanny pack, cooler, or whatever else may have gone into the park with you that morning.

Gone. And, not coming back. The loss could be a very expensive mistake. After all, there’s no way to recover tickets that are gone without any kind of record…

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way…

There is one simple solution to this problem. Always, always, always photocopy or scan the backs of your tickets. When you photocopy/scan your tickets, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars and hours of agony. Be even safer, and email yourself this photocopy or scan.

Every single Disney World ticket has a unique serial number on the back. You have to have this serial number in order to have any hope of reclaiming a lost ticket. Still, Disney is not responsible for any lost tickets. In fact, this is clearly stated on the back of your ticket (which you hopefully have photocopied!).

However, in most cases, Disney will be willing to replace the tickets, or at least honor your photocopy. Buying discount Disney World tickets is smart, but if you don’t back them up, you’ll be right back at square one – buying full priced tickets – as replacements. Don’t let your vacation get ruined this way.

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