Make the Most of Your Trip to Disney World

Disney World is getting bigger every year. And, while attractions and resorts do get torn down or otherwise removed, everyone knows that the park is only continuing to grow. As Disney gets bigger and bigger, your time becomes even more precious.

If you’re visiting the park with your family, then you probably have many conflicting interests. Your little girls might want to have tea with the princesses while the boys are eager to get over to the Pirate League. Meanwhile, you’re itching to check out the new French/Beauty and the Beast-inspired Fantasyland Restaurant.

As you’re faced with all of these decisions we have one word of advice:

Plan Ahead.

If you plan exactly what you’re going to see/do before you cross over that magical threshold, you’re going to have a much better and happier experience at Disney World. Also, it’s okay to split up! Mom can take the girls to one area; Dad and the boys can go ride Space Mountain; everyone can come back together for lunch and spend the afternoon together.

Disney’s getting bigger, but that doesn’t mean you should feel stressed about seeing everything that’s important. Prioritizing what you want to do and see on the drive to Disney World can be a great activity to keep the kids interested, and to generate excitement about the trip (as if you needed it!).

We recommend getting all the park maps that you’ll need when you buy your discount Disney World tickets online. These park maps (which you can probably get along with the tickets) will prove to be invaluable. Or, you can always, pull them up online.

Disney World is a great experience when there isn’t bickering and fighting over who gets to decide what’s next on the agenda. Go ahead and take the stress out of that potentially catastrophic situation and do you’re planning beforehand. It might be easier said than done (especially with young children), but having even the most basic structure is better than nothing.

And, if all else fails, and there’s still a lot you’d like to see at Disney World, you can always go back next year! We’ll still be here to help you find cheap Disney World tickets and passes!

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