How to Keep Disney World From Disappointing

It’s a strange title, isn’t it? However, Disney World can be disappointing for some children. Yes, the Disney World – The Magical Kingdom. With height restrictions, repairs, closures, and bad weather, Disney World has some disappointments – hard as they may try to avoid them. It’s a natural part of life that even Walt and his crafty team of amusement geniuses couldn’t entirely do away with.

So, in order to avoid as many disappointments as possible with your Disney World trip, we have the following tips. Once you pick up your discounted Disney World tickets (you shouldn’t buy them any other way!), start going over some of these talking points with your family…

Height Requirements: Just about every ride has some kind of height requirements. These requirements are instilled for safety of all passengers. That’s easy for parents to understand, but kids might have a harder time. It can be especially difficult if Big Sister gets to go on a ride but Little Sister doesn’t. This could be a potentially devastating fact for some children.

Our recommendation: Look into height requirements for all rides before you start talking about what you’ll do in Disney World. If you know your child won’t be able to go on a ride, let them know this beforehand. Also, avoid talking about the ride in a positive light, and encourage older/taller siblings to avoid bringing up the ride.

Closures/Repairs: Though Disney is pretty good about not shutting down major attractions during peak season, repairs are a part of life. Despite even the best maintenance protocols, some unscheduled repairs will have to happen. They could even happen on your trip.

Our recommendation: Find out which rides will definitely be closed while you’re planning your trip. Be upfront with kids about closed rides if you think the closures may be upsetting. Also, if a ride is unexpectedly closed once you’re at the park, let your children know why rides sometimes have to be closed, and point them to something “better” or “more exciting.”

These are just a couple of things that could be disappointing. Of course, by and large, Disney World is a joyous place! It’s an especially happy for parents who bought discount Disney World tickets!

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