Best Restaurants in Disney World Magic Kingdom

When you play hard, you have to take eating pretty seriously. After all, a meal in the Magic Kingdom isn’t just a chance to recharge your batteries. It’s also an opportunity to get some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

Since you only have so many days at Disney World, you want to make the most of your dining experience. That’s why we’ve written up a list of the best restaurants in Disney World Magic Kingdom. Try one or two, or try them all. When you have discount Disney World tickets, you have a little extra money to spend on dining! You won’t be disappointed with any of the restaurants listed below…

Cinderella’s Royal Table: Looking for great atmosphere? You can’t go wrong dining amongst the stone vault ceiling and plush velvety curtains of Cinderella’s Royal Table! The food is nothing spectacular (not bad either), but the atmosphere is out of this world!

Be Our Guest Restaurant: This one is brand new – opening November 19, 2012! Of course, we haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. But, pictures form the “Beauty and the Beast” restaurant look stunning. Two other bonuses:

1)    It’s the first Magic Kingdom restaurant to sell beer and wine.

2)    It’s located under the mysterious castle in the Fantasyland “countryside.”

Gaston’s Tavern: Here’s another new one that we’re excited about. Slated to open on December 6, 2012, Gaston’s Tavern celebrates Beauty and the Beast in a big way.

Pinocchio Village Haus: Looking for something classic? Try this restaurant with its delicious flatbread pizzas. Who knows… you might even catch a glimpse of “the real boy” himself!

Columbia Harbour House: It’s easy to get burnt out on all of the rich, heavy food that Disney World has to offer. When that happens, head over to the Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square where you can get a light and/or vegetarian meal. Plenty of soups and sandwiches can be found that will hit the spot. Plus, this restaurant won’t take a major hit on your wallet.

What are your favorite restaurants in Disney World? Know of any cheap Disney World eats other readers may enjoy?

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