Plan Your Disney World Trip With Forum Help

Every savvy traveler knows that one of the best places to get travel advice is by visiting online forums. If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, then you definitely need to head over to the forums to pick up some tips and tricks.

What is a forum?

Internet forums today are simply on online versions of the physical forums of the past. A forum is a place where people can come together, and exchange ideas. Post a topic (known as “starting a thread”) to get more information or answers to your questions. Or, simply browse through archived forum posts to find other questions and answers that can help you.

Best Disney World Advice Forums

We have a number of Disney World forums that we love. If you want to talk to people who just went – or are soon to depart – then these places will help you out! After all, the serious travelers – the ones on forums – are most likely to have the best information.

The Moms Panel: This forum is operated by Disney World. Seeing that it’s the official Walt Disney World forum, you can’t afford to pass up a look through its pages. Moms from the ‘Mom Panel’ provide really informative answers about everything from child care to ride wait times.

WDWMAGIC: This is the biggest unofficial forum for Walt Disney World fans. Find all of the information you need for your trip here. Read up on other users’ WDW Trip Reports. Or, check out WDW Parks News and Rumors for some juicy tidbits. Also, families will find the WDW with Kids section to be tremendously helpfu

Mice Chat: This is another great Walt Disney World-specific online forum. The community here isn’t extremely active. However, archived threads abound for those perennial questions that you’re most likely to have.

WDW Info: Here’s a good go-to resource that’s been around for a long time. Head over to WDW Info if you can’t find your answer on any of the other Walt Disney World Advice forums.

Have a favorite Walt Disney World forum of your own? Share your favorite forum – or favorite online tip – in the comments section below for others on the lookout for discount and cheap tickets to Disney World!

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