What Else Should I Do in Orlando Besides Disney World?

Great question! Disney World is ever expanding, home to tons of parks, rides, costumes, restaurants, resorts, and magical experiences. Honestly, you could spend weeks in Orlando just hitting up the Disney World scene. And, when you buy discount Disney World tickets, you can afford to stay in town for a lot longer.

However, you and your family might eventually hit a “Disney wall.” Maybe it happens after four days. Maybe five days is your limit. Eventually, you’ve seen the last set of mouse ears you can handle for the day. When that happens, it’s time to seek out some other Orlando attractions outside of Disney World.

You won’t be surprised to find that Orlando has latched onto Walt’s dream, and tourist attractions are spreading like wildfire across Florida’s playground city. Here are a few of our favorite non-Disney World attractions:

Universal Orlando Resort: Obviously, this is a big one! Easily Disney’s closest rival, Universal Orlando Resort offers two theme parks, three hotels, and enough fun to entertain you for days on end. When doors opened in 1990, no one knew quite how well this amusement park would fare. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which opened in the summer of 2010, has been a huge hit with fans,

Gatorland: Check out Florida’s gators first-hand, and grab some gator jerky on the way out the door.

Fishing on Lake Toho: Don’t worry – you won’t be ‘fishing’ for gators here. Rather, this lake is home to great Bass fishing. If you could use a little nature interspersed with your amusement parks, head over to Lake Toho, and catch a fishing tour!

SeaWorld: This place is almost as famous as Disney World itself. Treat yourself and your family to the fantastic tricks and flips of a host of water creatures! Also, SeaWorld lines are basically non-existent, which makes the park that much more enjoyable.

Ripley’s Orlando: Fascinated by all things odd, bizarre, and weird? Well, you’ll love this museum! Every major tourist town has got one, but we’re especially big fans of Ripley’s Orlando.

Titanic the Experience: You probably haven’t heard of this one… some serious entrepreneurs got together and built a replica of the Titanic. Stroll past the grand staircase, and observe actors in costume as you visit the Titanic. It’s as close as you can get to the real deal!


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