Coming Soon to Disney World: Avatar’s Pandora

There’s exciting news on the way for fans of the groundbreaking James Cameron movie, Avatar. According to a recent post on The Disney Blog, Disney’s Imagineers are currently developing plans to build the film’s magical world, Pandora, in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom.

For readers who haven’t seen Avatar, Pandora is a world that’s steeped in mystery and fantasy. Lush green landscapes with ancient trees stretching hundreds of feet into the air are defining characteristics of this land. However, one of Pandora’s most distinct characteristics is the fluorescent pink ropes that drop down from the trees into the lands. Natives in the movie climb up these vines/ropes, and use them to swing from tree to tree; they’re a source of life and energy.

Pandora has also captured the attention of Avatar viewers for its magical pulsing light. A gentle ambiance redolent of fireflies pulses throughout all of Pandora, adding even more magic to its landscape.

Walt Disney Imagineering VP Bruce Vaughn announced that the development of an Avatar land is finally underway. Plans had long been discussed and rumored. However, this is without a doubt the most definite news related to the development and construction of Animal Kingdom’s newest addition.

Some Disney fans are skeptical. Many are questioning whether Cameron’s film is actually “family friendly” enough to be eligible for a Disney attraction. Its family friendly qualifications aren’t the only concern. Others expect Avatar to be a distant memory in most visitors’ minds by the time the attraction actually opens. With the recent Star Wars acquisition, many Disney fans are asking whether Avatar’s staying power could ever possibly compare with the staying power of Star Wars.

What do you think about the announcement of plans to reconstruct Avatar’s Pandora? Will the attraction be a success or a flop? Weigh in with your opinion on the comments section below!

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