Disney World… and Star Wars?

If you haven’t heard by now that Disney World recently purchased Lucasfilm (George Lucas’s Star Wars franchise), then you might be living under a rock. On October 30, 2012, Lucas signed over his movies to Disney for a hefty $4.05 billion. Disney had been chasing after Luscasfilm for over a year and a half, and finally hit upon the right price tag to persuade George Lucas (the sole owner) to sell. In addition to receiving a good sum of cash, George Lucas also earned 40 million Disney shares out of the deal.

Star Wars fans are both excited and slightly alarmed. It’s been announced that Star Wars Episode VII (the next film in the projected nine-part series) is already in the early stage development phase. The movie will be released in 2015, with the two subsequent movies appearing every other year (i.e. 2017 and 2019).

So, what does this mean for Disney World? Many Disney experts, ourselves included, believe that a Star Wars-styled theme park will be announced sometime in 2013, with an opening date several years following. In the meantime, however, Disney World visitors can get their Star Wars fix at the Hollywood Studios Theme Park with Star Wars Weekends. The event takes place in the spring, and includes a parade, and much more.

Also, Star Wars fans are encouraged to check out “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue,” a 3D experience unlike anything else. There’s also a Jedi Training Academy and Padawan Mind Challenge that little Disney guests can enjoy!

Though the future of Star Wars and Disney World isn’t totally clear yet, one thing’s for sure: there actually will be Star Wars films again! What do you think about Disney’s recent Star Wars acquisition? Share your thoughts, opinions, predictions, and more with other Discount Disney World readers in the comments section below.

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