Birthday Celebrations at Goofy’s Candy Company

Kids love Goofy. This absurd – but lovable – dog-like cartoon creature has secured a permanent spot in the hearts of millions of children. So, what child wouldn’t enjoy a birthday party at Goofy’s Candy Company in Downtown Disney? If your child has a birthday trip at Disney World approaching, consider having the birthday party at Goofy’s Candy Company. Here’s some information you should know:

  • The cost of a birthday party at Goofy’s Candy Company isn’t cheap. Up to 12 guests will run you more than $350, with an additional $25 for each extra guest.
  • There are two themes: the Perfectly Princess Party and the Goofy’s Scien-Terrific Birthday Bash. Both parties include two hosts, invitations, and thank you notes.

Perfectly Princess Party

This party is sure to be a treat for your little girl. She can get her own crown, sash, glass slipper, and balloon. This party is essentially just another Cinderella/princess party, but it’s in Disney World – which will up the excitement factor for your daughter and her guests! However, if there’s a twist on this classic party theme, it’s that your daughter and her guests get to be involved in the decorating of the party’s desserts. This twist must be Goofy’s doing. Party guests will decorate their “treat of choice,” as well as a Goofy Glacier build-a-cup and glacier.

Goofy’s Scien-Terrific Birthday Bash

Many of the perks in this birthday party package are the same as the ones in the Perfectly Princess Party (Goofy Glacier build-a-cup and glacier of choice, “treat of choice” to decorate, etc.). However, the birthday boy isn’t going to get a sash and crown. Rather, Goofy’s Candy Company includes a Goofy gumball machine with the package.

If your kids are crazy about Goofy, be sure to look into this birthday package for your trip to Disney World!

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