Let Disney World’s Club Level Host Your Reunion

Have a special group of friends that you haven’t seen in years? Maybe it’s been since well before your first child was born that you had your most recent family reunion. Whoever the group may be, consider having your next reunion or large gathering at Disney World.

Walt Disney World Resort is the place to be for gatherings of old friends and family. With plenty of space to spread out and explore, there’s something for everyone to enjoy – no matter what age or demographic.

More importantly, there’s also space for everyone to come together, which is what really matters in a reunion location. “Club Level” is a term Disney uses to refer to special, large rooms that offer concierge services and amenities, meals, snacks, etc. When you’re at “Club Level,” you don’t have to lift a finger – plus, you’ve got plenty of space to call your own.

Club Level is better than renting out a private dining room at one of Disney’s many fabulous restaurants. With Club Level, you get to have the room for an entire day. Also, with a private dining room, the focus is around eating. Sometimes, you just want to be able to get together with the people who are important to you – even if it’s not a mealtime!

Though rooms at Disney World can be spacious, you don’t want to have to try and squeeze your entire party into someone’s suite. Give everyone their space, and rent out a Club Level room that everybody can enjoy (and that nobody has to be responsible for).

While you’re thinking about a reunion, did you know that you can have your own t-shirt created at the Disney Design-A-Tee shop in the Downtown Disney Marketplace? It’s cheaper to make your own t-shirts prior to the big reunion, but if you forget or don’t have time, the Disney Design-A-Tee shop is a great alternative! Plus, everyone can be in on the design process!

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