Do You Know About These Unique Disney World Features?

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, then you’ve almost certainly gotten a taste of just how complex and multilayered Disney World is. One does not simply walk into Disney World and start “having a good time.” It takes a few days (or weeks) of hard work on the front end, well before you ever start packing your bags. Planning out your vacation to ensure it’s the best it could possibly be is every dutiful parent’s task. (We’re here to help!)

Today, we’d like to share some unique Disney options that you probably haven’t heard of. If one of these options strikes a chord with your family, then we feel like we’ve done our job!

  • Behind the Seeds at Epcot. This tour is a special one that will stick out in your family’s memory long after It’s a Small World After All makes its last run. On the Behind the Seeds tour, you’ll get a close-up look at the greenhouses at Epcot. The one-hour long tour offers a unique perspective you can’t get any other way.
  • Disney Family Portrait. Everyone always advises that you “take plenty of pictures at Disney World.” While it’s great that you’re busily snapping away on your camera, why not let a professional do the job for you for an hour? Carve some time out of your trip to sit down with a professional Disney Fine Art Photographer. You’ll have a special memory of your trip that’s perfectly captured and printed to last a lifetime.
  • Bass Fishing Excursions. Walt Disney World has a lot of lakes on property. But did you know that these lakes aren’t just pretty to look at? They’re also swimming with bass fish. Charter a tournament-style boat, and take to the water with a Disney World guide. No need to have your own equipment or anything else. Let Disney take you fishing!

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