Unique Outdoorsy Disney World Adventures

The magic in the Magic Kingdom (and elsewhere throughout the Walt Disney World Resort) just never stops. In our last blog post, we covered three unique Disney World experiences that most families don’t even know about. While you can’t do it all in Disney World (even if you’re there for two weeks), we like to keep our readers informed of all the options available to theme as guests of Disney World.

This week, we’d like to share three more unique Disney World adventures with our readers…

  • Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf Course. Alright, we’ll say it… we love Disney World, but we know there are some parents who just have to get out of the parks for a day. If you’re staying at Disney World for a week or so, it’s understandable that you might have seen one too many sets of Mickey Mouse ears. When that time comes around, head over to Disney’s Osprey Ridge Golf Course, a world-class course that features beautiful forests and well-maintained fairways. You’ll feel refreshed from the exercise and the outdoors after 18 holes here!
  • Wagon Rides. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground has been growing in popularity over the last few years – especially with visitors who are trying to be more budget-conscious than ever before. However, the area is more than just a fun and affordable place to camp. It offers beautiful scenic spots throughout! Take an old-fashioned horse-drawn wagon ride through the resort’s natural highlights!
  • Safari Celebration Dinner. If you’re still looking for more time in nature, try the Safari Celebration Dinner. It all starts on a Kilimanjaro Safari, where you’ll see exciting and exotic wildlife creatures. Come back to the Tusker House afterwards to enjoy a delicious post-safari dinner! 

What’s your favorite outdoorsy Disney adventure? Share your thoughts with other discount Disney World readers in the comments section below!

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