Going to Disney World? Check Out Orlando’s Food Scene

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, there are literally hundreds of little events, parades, rides, restaurants, and other experiences to be had within the walls of Walt Disney’s 47-square mile fortress. We hate to throw another suggestion at you, but in case you haven’t filled your vacation schedule to the brim, we have a suggestion for you that’s off-site.

Disney World is known for being home to some great restaurants. And, it’s true, from Victoria & Albert’s to the African-themed Sanaa, there are some wonderful dining options inside Walt Disney World. However, the other side of that truth isn’t so pretty: these restaurants are expensive. While it’s certainly worth checking out one or two of Disney’s fine dining options (if it’s within your budget), you don’t necessarily have to spend all six of your vacation nights buying dinner from Disney.

The Orlando Food Scene

Things weren’t always booming in Orlando. But today, the international, gourmet, and fusion food scene in Orlando is really taking off. If you visited Orlando in decades past, you might not remember it as such a glamorous city. (You’d be correct in your memory.) These days, however, Orlando offers some great cuisine to meet the tastes of all palates and the parameters of all wallets.

Hitting Up Orlando on a Budget

If you have a tight budget for your vacation, you can still take advantage of some of the delicious dining options in Orlando. Here’s how:

  • Sign up to receive notifications from Orlando restaurant discount sites like Groupon and Living Social. Sign up a couple months in advance so that you can purchase deals for restaurants, cafes, and eateries that sound good to your family.
  • Also, pay attention to discount sites that advertise special rates for visitors to Orlando. This city is a tourist city, and there’s no better deal than the ones that are designed for you.

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