Don’t Miss This Disney World Accommodations Strategy!

Disney World is the perfect destination for any large group of people because there really is something for everyone. Love to fish? Disney can take you fishing. Enjoy rides? Well, that one’s a no-brainer. Are parades, festivals, and character meet-and-greets your cup of tea? Clearly Disney’s got experience!

It’s no wonder that hundreds of high school bands, church youth groups, and family reunions choose Disney World as their destination of choice. While Disney World does a terrific job of providing accommodations for these large groups, you certainly don’t have to stay on-site in order to enjoy all of the many pleasures Disney World has to offer.

Our Suggestion for Large Groups…

  • Instead of staying at a value resort or other on-site hotel, rent one of the many large vacation homes just outside of the parks in Orlando. These homes are typically owned by investors and families who love Disney World.
  • Unless you’re dying to have the experience of staying in a Walt Disney resort, these off-property Orlando vacation homes are the way to go. You won’t just have a microwave or a mini-fridge. You’ll have a complete kitchen, fully stocked with all of the equipment you need. Plus, you can get plenty of space to spread out. Why cramp your entire party into a few value hotel rooms on-site when you can take this approach?
  • Be aware that parking for Disney guests who stay off site can get expensive. However, if you pack 8 people into a van or SUV, even the higher-priced parking fees are just a couple of dollars per person per day.

Have you ever stayed “off-site” when vacationing at Disney World? If so, share about your experiences (including recommendations) in the comments section below. We’d love to hear what you thought, and we know other readers would, too!

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