Dressing for February in Disney World

February is a terrific time to visit Disney World – especially if you’re in the mood to escape the colder regions of the country. However, don’t expect to step onto the tropical, sandy beaches of Hawaii as soon as your plane touches down – even if you are staying at the illustrious Polynesian Resort.

The average high in Orlando for the month of February is 74º. The average low for February is 52º. While there is some precipitation, showers still aren’t too common for Orlando in February. Make sure you pack an umbrella or rain poncho just in case. If not, you might end up buying one in the park for two to three times the price of what you’d pay at home!

How to Dress for February at Disney World

  • Dress in layers for visiting the park. If you’re like most visitors, you’ll leave the hotel around eight or nine in the morning and won’t return until the late afternoon. That being the case, you’re likely to witness the temperature rising about twenty degrees from the low 50s to the mid- or upper-70s. While that’s neither terrible hot nor warm, it is a big difference – especially if you’re out in the sun and walking around the parks.
  • Pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes for the days that you know you’ll be on your feet. Some people prefer a light pair of hiking boots for added ankle support and protection. Figure out whatever works for you, but most importantly, figure it out well in advance. Don’t make the mistake of buying a brand new pair of shoes specifically for the trip. Breaking in a new pair of shoes with miles of walking isn’t always fun!
  • Even though it’s February, sunscreen is a must at Disney World. Don’t let overcast skies deceive you. Sunburn is still a live possibility in February.

Have you visited Disney World in February? What clothing tips do you have for park guests?

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