What’s the Perfect Age for Taking Kids to Disney World?

This is a question we get a lot. Many parents can remember going to Disney World as young children or even teenagers and loving the experience. But, for every one of these stories we hear, we hear another about how an adult has absolutely no recollection of their first trip to Disney World. Their only memories are in fading photographs.

Of course, it begs the question, “What is the perfect age for taking my kids to Disney World?” Well, when you have discount Disney World tickets, any age is great! We’ve done a little research into this question, and come up with a few thoughts on the matter…

  • Infants under one-year of age can go to Disney World, and can do a surprising amount of activities and rides. While it’s possible, we certainly wouldn’t recommend this experience. Needless to say, infants won’t remember the experience. More importantly, Disney World isn’t very friendly to anybody’s nap schedule – especially your baby’s sleepy schedule.
  • Toddlers can enjoy Disney World, but might be frustrated about not being able to ride many of the attractions that have height requirements. Also, like infants, most toddlers have a regular napping routine that Disney World isn’t very accommodating towards.
  • In our opinion, the best age is 6-10 years old. At this point, most kids are pretty familiar with famous Disney movies and characters and they also have a decent amount of stamina and energy to carry them through the day. Visiting multiple parks and coping with Orlando’s intense heat may be a challenge, but the magic of a Disney World experience at this age will outweigh any challenges!
  • When it comes to teenagers, it depends on the teenager. Some teens are still as Disney-crazy as they were as children while others couldn’t care less. Unless you know you’re teenager will love Disney World, talk to them first before planning a surprise vacation!

You didn’t think we would leave you, the adult, out, did you? Even if you consider The Little Mermaid is nothing more than a soothing tonic for your toddler, we’re sure you’ll love Disney World, too. There’s something for everyone in Walt’s magical 43-square mile playground, whether that’s golfing, lounging by the pool, or tasting wines from around the world. Get your discount Disney World tickets today, and go see for yourself!

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