Staying at the Pop Century Resort – Preferred Room v. Standard

As you research for your Disney World vacation, you’re probably coming to realize that you’ve got options – lots of them. After all, planning a Disney World vacation isn’t exactly like taking a standardized test or price hunting for cheap gas. There are no straightforward, definitive, objectively ‘best’ answers. Trust us – we know because we’ve tried to find them!

Your Disney World vacation is all about your preferences. Disney throws out thousands of options, packages, deals, and arrangements, and then you choose what you want. One of the tempting options that attract the attention of many guests is the Preferred Room at the Pop Century Resort, one of the value resorts on the Disney World property.

What is a Preferred Room?

A preferred room is one that’s closer to the action than other rooms in the same resort. If you like being a short walk from the pool or the dining areas, then a Preferred Room can make that happen. At the Pop Century Resort, Preferred Rooms are available in the ’70s, ‘60s, and ‘50s areas.

What does a Preferred Room cost?

Preferred Rooms usually cost $15 more per night. However, there’s a deal for everything. Search around and book early, and you just may get a discount Preferred Room to compliment your discount Disney World tickets!

Is it worth it?

If getting a room at the end of the resort sounds awful to you, then a preferred room might be worth looking into. Also, if you or someone in your vacationing party has difficulty walking, then a preferred room’s proximity to dining options and the lobby makes it invaluable. Lastly, if you plan on spending a lot of time at your resort while vacationing in Disney World, then a Preferred Room is a smart move.

Otherwise, save the ~ $15 per night and take the luck of the draw.

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