The Walt Disney World Water Parks

If you are coming to Walt Disney World and are only expecting hotels and theme parks then you are in luck, water parks are also a large part of the Walt Disney World experience. Nothing is better on a hot summer day in beautiful Orlando, FL than spending some time at one of Walt Disney World’s epic water parks.

Pricing for water parks is completely different from any other tickets. In other words, water parks do cost money to attend however the ticket prices are affordable and totally worth it.

Typhoon Lagoon has been a Walt Disney World for many years now. Typhoon Lagoon is an island shipwreck-themed water park that features tons of water slides for guests to enjoy. From huge breathtaking speed slides to tiny dips into the kid’s pool, Typhoon Lagoon has everything you could possibly want in a water park. Typhoon Lagoon has many different pools, even pools that create their own waves! Typhoon Lagoon also offers guests multiple dining options when it comes time to eat.

If an island shipwreck is not what you had in mind for your water park experience, then maybe you would enjoy Walt Disney World’s other water park, Blizzard Beach. Imagine a beach town that suddenly becomes covered in snow. After being covered in show, the beach town decided to turn into a ski resort. This is the theme of Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach. Blizzard Beach is Walt Disney World’s biggest water park and features record-breaking speed slides for the thrill seekers in your party.

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