Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

If you thought that The Magic Kingdom theme park was only home to various whimsical “lands” featuring characters from a myriad of classic Disney movies then you would be mistaken. Situated in between Fantasyland and Frontierland sits Liberty Square. Liberty Square is devoted to looking like the days of America’s past. Featuring a colonial setting, Liberty Square is home to The Haunted Mansion, an indoor ghost house style ride. The Haunted Mansion is a classic and timeless Walt Disney World attraction and though it has gone through multiple updates and refurbishments, it still holds the vintage charm guests have come to know. The Haunted Mansion was even turned into a successful Hollywood movie starring Eddie Murphy.

Not far from The Haunted Mansion is the Liberty Tree Tavern. The Liberty Tree Tavern is a colonial themed restaurant offering guests lots of delicious food options. Menu items have names such as “One If By Land” and “Two If By Sea.” The Colonial décor is very authentic looking and really makes guests feel as if they’d been transported back in time. The Liberty Tree Tavern has a giant tree in front of it which houses thirteen different lanterns hanging from ropes, which are tied to branches. Each one of these lanterns represents one of the thirteen original colonies.

Also in Liberty Square is The Hall of Presidents. The Hall of Presidents educates guests on America’s leaders of the past and present. That’s right, they even have an animatronic Barack Obama that walks around and talks.

As you can see, Liberty Square is full of exciting attractions for families and guests to enjoy.

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