Value Resorts At Walt Disney World

When you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, the expenses can start to build quickly. On top of travel costs, guests also have to pay for a hotel, theme park tickets, food and souvenirs should they choose to purchase any. This why it is important to look into Disney’s affordable value hotels, which can offer guests great amenities at great prices.

Disney’s All-Star Resorts have been a staple of the Disney hotel experience for many years now. Guests can choose from Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort and Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. Of course, each resort is themed with sports, music or movies. So if you are a big fan of basketball and football, chances are you will enjoy your stay at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. The Disney All-Star Resorts all feature quality restaurants for guests to dine in and swimming pools for guests to relax in. All of the amenities you would expect from a Disney hotel are present in the Disney All-Star Resorts. Rooms are plentiful and usually start around $129/night.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort is perfect for people who would not mind a little blast from the past. Disney’s Pop Century Resort is divided by decades. For instance, should you choose to stay in the 1970’s area, your room will be decorated with famous icons from that era. Expect bell-bottoms and disco music. Disney’s Pop Century Resort also features bus transportation to any of the theme parks or hotels. The swimming pool at Disney’s Pop Century Resort is also great for guests to relax and have fun in.

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