The Landmarks of Disney World

There are a million different things to do during your wonderful stay at Walt Disney World. Things can get overwhelming at times, and you might not even know what you want to do next. Disney has taken steps to make sure their guests know where they are and also to know what that area is going to be like. For example, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there is a giant manmade tree that is known as The Tree of Life. This giant tree is visible from very far away as it is HUGE. At the base of the tree, hundreds of carvings of animal faces are found. Guests can even go inside the Tree of Life and watch a movie featuring characters from A Bug’s Life called It’s Tough to be a Bug. The Tree of Life is the landmark of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios features a gigantic sorcerer’s hat; similar to the one Mickey Mouse wore in the classic film, Fantasia. The giant sorcerer’s hat was placed in Disney’s Hollywood Studios to remind guests of the magic of movie making. At the base of the sorcerer’s hat is a small shop where guests can pickup a souvenir to take back home with them.

At EPCOT Center, a mega-sized geo-sphere is the landmark. The geo-sphere houses a slow moving ride known as Spaceship Earth. Many people refer to the geo-sphere as a “giant golf ball” given its similarities to a golf ball.

And finally, The Magic Kingdom has Cinderella’s castle as it’s very own landmark. Cinderella’s castle features a restaurant serving up delicious food for guests to enjoy, as well as a few shops.

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