The Walt Disney World Monorail System

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World soon? You may want to book one of the hotels featuring monorail access. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Resort all feature monorail access. In addition to stopping at these three resorts, the monorail also makes stops at The Magic Kingdom theme park. Guests can walk straight from their hotel room to the monorail boarding station and catch a ride over to The Magic Kingdom without having to worry about waiting for a bus or making a long walk. The monorail is perfect for people who may have trouble walking, or for anyone who is simply looking to have some fun with their method of transportation!

Disney’s monorail system also runs to the transportation and ticket center, or the TTC for short. The transportation and ticket center is where guests can park their car and use public transportation to get around the Disney World property. Another monorail system runs from the transportation and ticket center all the way to EPCOT center. This means that guests who are staying in the Grand Floridian, the Contemporary or the Polynesian all have monorail access to The Magic Kingdom as well as EPCOT Center.

The monorail system is free for guests to use and is extremely safe. So if you are looking to travel high above the roads out of the way of any possible traffic, the Disney monorail system is perfect for you. The average travel time to get from one stop to the next is roughly 4 minutes.

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