The All-Star Hotels Of Disney World

Are you looking to stay at an affordable hotel during your time at Walt Disney World? Look no further than Disney’s All-Star Resorts. Guests can choose the All-Star Sports Resort, the All-Star Movies Resort or even the All-Star Music Resort. Obviously, one of these hotels has a sports theme to it; the other has a movie theme while the last one utilizes a music theme.

The All-Star Sports Resort is perfect for any fan of sports. Giant sports equipment is used as atmosphere at this wonderful resort. So if you see a giant basketball in the grass, do not be alarmed, it is just for decoration. The All-Star Sports Resorts has plenty of state of the art television sets for guests to enjoy whatever sporting even might be happening at the time of your stay.

The All-Star Movies Resort is for the movie lover. If you are a fan of classic cinema or even just someone who happens to like Disney movies then you will feel right at home at the All-Star Movies Resort. Massive structures such as an oversized Buzz Lightyear and other characters from Disney movies decorate the All-Star Movies Resort.

If you are more of a music person, the All-Star Music Resort is the perfect place for you to stay during your time at Walt Disney World. The All-Star Music Resort is covered with gigantic music notes and features music-themed décor throughout.

All of the All-Star Resorts are priced at an affordable rate so they are perfect for people planning an extended stay.

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