The Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you happen to love animals, then you are going to want to stay at The Animal Kingdom Lodge while you are visiting Walt Disney World. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is an African themed lodge featuring multiple restaurants, various shops, epic scenery, an amazing swimming pool and even live animals. Guests have the opportunity to see zebras, giraffes and other exotic wildlife while they are staying at The Animal Kingdom Lodge. Most of the guest rooms feature balconies that lookout to the savannah where all of the wildlife roams.

Jiko is an award-winning restaurant located in The Animal Kingdom Lodge. Jiko is a fine dining restaurant featuring exquisite African-themed cuisine. Jiko is a fairly expensive restaurant, however the food is extremely delicious.

If you are looking for something that is a little bit different than Jiko, you should try Boma. Boma is a buffet that features hundreds of African-themed and inspired food selections for guests to eat and enjoy. Boma utilizes a great atmosphere and is the perfect place to dine with the whole family. Boma’s buffet is very long and has multiple locations for each dish, so waiting in line is never an issue.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge also houses an outdoor, heated swimming pool for guests to enjoy. Not far from the swimming pool is a hot tub. If you are looking to spend a little time relaxing, spend a few minutes in the hot tub.

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is NOT located inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom, however it is not too far away. Disney offers guests public transportation free of charge to travel between the different hotels and theme parks that are on the Disney World property.

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