Disney Fast Passes

The best suggestion for folks looking to hit the most rides possible in Walt Disney World, is to take advantage of the Fast Pass.  The Fast Pass is a ticket that will cut the amount of time you spend standing in line for Disney’s most popular rides in half! Guests can use their park admissions ticket to scan for a Fast Pass as soon as they arrive at the park.  The pass will then tell the guest when to return to the ride for their turn.  Basically, the ticket holds your place in line while you go off and do other things.  You can go on another ride that has a shorter line while your Fast Pass holds your spot for you.  It’s a great option for families traveling in large groups or with small children.  Many folks will find that in the busiest of seasons, lines in Walt Disney World can reach over an hour or more, filling the day with wasted time.

Guests looking to reduce the time spent waiting in line should pull Fast Passes for their favorite rides as soon as they enter the park.  If they wait until too late in the day, they might find that the ride they wish to go on has timed out and no more Fast Passes will be administered.  But the best part about Fast Passes is that they are completely free!  Guests can pull as many Fast Passes as they can all day long, but can only have one Fast Pass at a time.  Strategic planning is the best way to use Fast Passes so guests can get on as many rides as possible during their time at Walt Disney World.

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