Disney Dining Plan

Many people stress over the amount of money they think they will spend on food and dining out in Walt Disney World.  Guests traveling with large families may find the idea of eating out every night a daunting thought for their wallets.  But fortunately, the people at Disney have gone through great efforts to make this an easier task for families looking to vacation in Walt Disney World without breaking the bank.  Disney’s Dining Plan has been introduced to the public in recent years, offering a more manageable system for dining out at any of the four parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.  Guests staying on Disney property can purchase a dining plan prior to their vacation by going online and selecting one of the many options offered to visitors.  When checking into one of the thirty plus Disney resorts, guests receive a Key to the World that acts as your room key and also holds the balance for your dining plan.  When eating at one of the many Disney restaurants, visitors show this Key to their server, who will then track their points, making dining out easier than ever.  For folks looking to stay on budget, this is a great way to monitor the amount being spent on food at the parks.  The dining plan works at all restaurants in the parks, from sit down places to fast food.  Gratuity is not included.

Guests looking to eat at one of the popular Disney Resort or park restaurants should make reservations prior to their vacation as the restaurants book quickly.  Your best bet is to plan ahead to be sure your family gets the best experience on their Disney World Vacation.

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