Disney’s Fantasmic

Think the fun is over once the sun goes down in Walt Disney World? Not a chance.  Disney World has made their night experience just as enjoyable as the day.  Both Magic Kingdom and Epcot have always had magnificent firework shows each night for guests to enjoy.  But the real surprise resides in Hollywood Studios in the wonderful show of Fantasmic.  Here, guests will experience a show of music, lights and fireworks in an outdoor stadium built for over a thousand people.  The story of Fantasmic brings to life the magic of Mickey Mouse as his dreams come alive and jump into the audience.  But along with Mickey’s dreams come his nightmares; the audience goes on a wild ride as Mickey tries to find the magic to keep the evil away.

Guests will get to see their favorite characters come to life as they make appearances in Mickey’s dreams throughout the show.  Large fountains with light projections display the images of some of Disney’s most famous stories.  The show is a remarkable display of fire and water – and a little magic.  The finale ends with a beautiful firework display, making this the third firework show at Disney World.  Guests should prepare to arrive early as the show is extremely popular.  The line for entrance to the stadium begins forming more than an hour before Fantasmic is set to start.  Fortunately, refreshments are served inside the stadium for guests looking to have a snack or drink prior to the show.

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