Hotels in Disney World

Are you nervous about spending too much on a hotel in Walt Disney World?  Want to stay on Disney property but not sure you can afford it?  Don’t worry – Disney has done an excellent job of creating affordable resorts for guests on a budget.  The most popular of these affordable resorts are the All-Star Resorts on Disney property.  Here guests can choose from one of three hotels – the All-Star Sports Resort, the All-Star Music Resort, and the All-Star Movie Resort.  Each hotel matches its theme, featuring pools and rooms to reflect that.  Each hotel can match your favorite passion.  If you like music, check out the guitar shaped pool at the All-Star Music Resort.  It is a crowd favorite.  Guests can find resort rates for as low as one hundred and twenty-nine dollars per night.  It’s a great deal, especially since the perk of staying on Walt Disney property is free transportation to all the Disney theme parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney.  A system of buses, boats, and monorails acts as the free transportation around the park, eliminating the need to rent a car – which can be expensive.

Looking for something a little different than the All-Star Resorts? Disney’s Pop Century Hotel is a blast from the past as its theme follows the past few decades.  A child of the eighties might find it fun to stay in a hotel that depicts that era.  Disney does a great job of making your hotel experience just as magical as your days in the park.

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