Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

If you’re looking to plan your vacation to Walt Disney World during the summer months, you will be sure to notice that temperatures in central Florida can reach up to one hundred degrees and stay there.  Disney goes through great efforts to keep their guests cool and comfortable while walking around the parks.  Whether it is getting wet on Splash Mountain, spraying a cool mist on guests standing in lines, or selling fans and spray bottles for overheated visitors, Disney wants to make sure you are comfortable.  But perhaps, getting away from the theme parks is what you really need to do to cool off!

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is one of the two water parks on Disney property.  The park is designed around the story that a strong typhoon shipwrecked a ship onto a tiny deserted island, creating this wonderful water playground.  Typhoon Lagoon is famous for the world’s largest wave pool, which generates six-foot waves every thirty minutes.  The park also features a Shark Reef, where strong swimmers can snorkel above sharks and other marine life.  Guests looking to relax will be pleased to see that the park offers a large, winding, lazy river and manmade beaches to relax on.  This park is a unique water experience as it brings in all the magic and joy of Disney World while relaxing and staying cool.  Little kids will find small kiddy pools to play in, making the park a great destination for families of all ages.  Disney’s water parks are not open year round, so be sure to check the schedule when planning your vacation.

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