Disney’s Blizzard Beach

If you’re one of those people who can’t stand the heat, then you may find summer in Walt Disney World to be less than comfortable.  Temperatures have been known to rise to one hundred degrees in central Florida during the summer season.  Walking around the parks can be exhausting if you’re not used to such temperatures.  But fortunately, Walt Disney World built two water parks in the 80s and 90s to keep their guests cool and refreshed.  Disney’s Blizzard Beach is a great destination for folks looking for a fun water experience on their Disney vacation!

The legend of Blizzard Beach tells the story of a freak blizzard that covered central Florida.  Locals built a ski resort to enjoy the snow for the first time.  But as the snow melted, all that was left were water slides and flumes, creating a water park to enjoy.  Blizzard Beach is a unique water park and very different from its sister park – Typhoon Lagoon.  It completes the story with architecture that resembles melting snow and ice blocks in the water.  Families will find many slides and raft rides to enjoy at Blizzard Beach.  The most famous slide is the Summit Plummet, the world’s second tallest and fastest free fall slide. It stands at one hundred and twenty feet tall and reaches speeds of up to sixty miles per hour.  Only the bravest of guests should attempt this thrilling water slide.  For those looking for something a little more relaxing, try out the lazy river by grabbing a tube and floating along with the tide.  Disney’s water parks are not open year round, so guests should check the schedule before planning their trip.

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