Staying in a Disney Resort Hotel Saves On Transportation Costs

Vacations can get expensive. You have to make sure you pack the right type of clothing, shoes, and accessories you need for your trip. Everything from where you stay to how you get there costs money. In some cases, Disney can help guests save on airfare. Guests who have earned reward dollars with Disney’s Premier Visa Card can use their rewards towards plane tickets.

Even for guests without a Disney credit card, saving on travel is possible. By booking at select Disney resort hotels, guests can sign up for Disney’s Magical Express. The easiest way to sign up for Disney’s Magical Express service is to do so at the time you book your Disney resort hotel.

When guests signed up for the service arrival at Orlando International Airport, the service members collect your luggage for you and have the luggage delivered directly to your room. It may take up to three hours for your luggage to be delivered to your room, so anything you need to have with you at the moment you arrive will need to be carried with you. Disney suggests keeping a carry-on bag for valuables or medications you want to keep close-by.

About 40 days before your arrival, Disney will mail your luggage tags so the Magical Express members will identify what luggage is yours. When you are near the end of your stay, the transportation service gives you a pick-up time. When leaving the resort, you will have to bring your luggage with you; they don’t pick up. The shuttle will return you to the airport 3 hours before domestic flights and 4 hours before international flights to prevent leaving guests from missing their flights.

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