Check up on Disney’s Special Offers Page

There are a variety of sites online where you can find discounted tickets to Walt Disney World Resort. Annual passholders, Florida residents, and members of the military all have opportunities where they can save at Walt Disney World. However, there are times where Walt Disney World Resort will set up their own deals.

Located on their official website, one of the menu options at the bottom is “special offers.” Here, Disney throws up their own deals and incentives to get people to book a park reservation. Some of their deals may include free dining plans, discounted rooms, special tickets for military members, or other opportunities and deals.

When you go to Disney’s special offers page, be sure to read all the deals thoroughly. Even though rooms may be discounted up to 30% off regular price, you may still have to buy tickets to the parks. You will also have to pay for your own food or sign up for a meal plan unless they include a meal plan offer too.

While Disney may offer these good deals, you may also find their deals do not coordinate with your family’s schedule. In that case, you can still find discount tickets online while finding a time you can visit. Just because Disney’s special offers don’t work once does not mean you may not find the perfect deal later. So if you are planning on booking a reservation for the near or far future, be sure to check out their special offers, you never know when the perfect deal may come along.

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