Disney Provides Airport to Resort Transportation

Traveling from the airport to your hotel can be tiresome at the best of times but Disney takes the hassle out of finding resort transportation by providing transportation from the airport to select Disney resort hotels. The service is called Disney’s Magical Express transportation and includes luggage delivery from Orlando International Airport to 27 Disney resort hotels.

For guests needing wheelchair accommodation, indicating your needs at the time of booking is important. When booking, look for the “airport transportation” label and you can add your flight information for Disney’s Magical Express Transportation. Guests can also call to book a reservation on Disney’s Magical Express Transportation too.

Walt Disney World Resort is a common destination for people arriving through Orlando International Airport, so Disney’s Magical Express Welcome Center is located in the main terminal building. Guests who have reserved transportation don’t need to worry about baggage claim; Disney’s Magical Express service collects your luggage for you and will have it delivered directly to your room. This service is only available for flights between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm. After that time, guests will need to collect their own luggage.

Out of Disney’s 29 resort hotels, 27 of them provide airport to resort transportation. The shuttle buses are provided for free by Walt Disney World Resort. Disney makes the return shuttle experience easy too. Near the end of your stay, Disney will send you “Transportation Notice”, so you will know the time of your pick-up to return to Orlando International Airport. Unlike arrival, guests will have to bring their luggage with them to the Disney shuttle’s pick-up point.

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