Disney’s Quick-Service Restaurants

Eating in Walt Disney World Resort can get expensive, especially if you have a large family. Disney tries to help families make dining easy by providing different dining plan options for guests to choose from. Whether you want to eat at a cheap restaurant or it is part of your dining plan, there is a great number of quick-service restaurants located around Walt Disney World Resort.

If you are wondering what a quick-service restaurant is it is a fast service restaurant where you go up to the counter, pick out the food you want, pay for it, then sit down and eat. Disney’s quick-service restaurants perform the way a cafeteria-style lunch does. Because of the cafeteria- style of the restaurant, quick-service restaurants to not take reservations.

Many of the quick-service restaurants around the resort serve American cuisine, but there are a few that serve additional menu options. Disney’s Capt. Cook’s is a quick-service restaurant that serves both American and Seafood cuisines. Cooks of Dublin serves American and Irish cuisine. Dawa Bar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a quick-service restaurant serving American and African cuisine.

There are many options for quick-service restaurants. They are the cheapest place to find food around the Walt Disney World Resort but that does not mean the food is any less delicious than some of the other table-served restaurants. If you are in a hurry to eat and want to spend most of your time on park attractions, then quick-service restaurants may best fit your itinerary. Fortunately, Disney offers a variety of themed quick-service restaurants so you’ll enjoy the atmosphere as much as the food.

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