Disney’s Free Mobile App

There is no end to the family entertainment available at Walt Disney World Resort. Disney wants your vacation to go as smoothly as you do, so they are glad to help their valued customers by providing a free app. The benefit of this app is that guests at the park can get vacation details from their mobile phone or other mobile devices.

Through the mobile app, guests can sit down with families and plan out a vacation itinerary before they even leave their home. They can then check their vacation plans at the park to see if they remain on schedule. A great benefit is the feature enabling app users to see what the wait times are for various Disney attractions.

Plans that were made before arriving at Walt Disney World Resort can be shared with other family members. With the My Plans feature, your party can keep reservations and activities organized so no planned activity is forgotten. If you do decide to change your plans, you can add activities your Wish List or use the Here & Now to see what may be starting near your location.

Thanks to Disney’s mobile app, carrying around a paper map that may fall out of your pocket is no longer a problem. You can use the app’s interactive GPS-enabled map to explore the park. You can also use the map to locate where Disney characters are or will be greeting guests. If a character is scheduled to appear, you can find out where and when they will appear.

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