Typhoon Lagoon Water

Over the years, Disney has taken advantage of the hot Florida weather to build some amazing water parks on its property. These parks can turn a hot summer day into a day full of memories, fun, and relaxation for the entire family. There are quite a few water parks at Disney World, but one of the best (and oldest) is Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park.

Typhoon Lagoon wouldn’t still be around almost 25 years later if it wasn’t one of the best water parks in the country. Typhoon Lagoon is open year-round and has a host of features that visitors to Disney just can’t get enough of. So what’s all the fuss about Typhoon Lagoon?

Typhoon Lagoon has five main attractions within the water park. They are: Mount Mayday, Hideaway Bay, Typhoon Lagoon, Shark Reef, and Castaway Creek. It also holds the title for the world’s largest outdoor wave pool which is a hit with everyone who checks it out.

Mount Mayday is where you’ll find the world’s largest outdoor wave pool. You can surf on the waves all day or check out some of the other features at Mount Mayday. There are speed slides that launch riders at speeds up to 39 miles per hour down five stories. There are a variety of slides, some crazy, some more relaxed so the whole family can have fun.

The most popular and biggest area of the park is the Typhoon Lagoon. If you’re looking to relax while the kids go and explore other areas of the water park, this is the place for mom and dad! Kids can still have fun at Typhoon Lagoon too. There are plenty of white beaches where anyone can relax and get some sun. There are also some cool tidal pools and you can sign up for surfing lessons before the park opens to take advantage of the wave pools!

At Shark Reef you can experience what a Caribbean dive would be like. You’ll be able to see stingrays, sharks, tropical fish, and other creatures of the Caribbean Sea. Sharks not your thing? Float down the Castaway Creek around the entire park at a nice leisurely pace. You’ll be in relaxation heaven! Make sure you check out all that Typhoon Lagoon Water Park has to offer next time you’re at Disney World!